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– FutureNet Shop –

§ 1. General Provisions

  1. Servide Provider

These Regulations specify the use of FutureNet Shop Portal run by its Service Provider – FutureNet LLC, Abdulla Al Fahed – 4, Office No. 210, Al Qusais second, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, holder of share capital amounting to $50,000, entered into the register under the number 781893, website address: https://store.futurenet.club, email address: store@futurenet.club.

  1. Knowledge of the Regulations

When starting to use the Portal, the Client declares that he has read the terms and conditions of rendering services and that he understands them and shall comply with their provisions.

  1. Conclusion of the Agreement

The acceptance of the Regulations is equivalent to the conclusion of an agreement with the Administrator for the provision of services by electronic means within the scope of operating the account and other services described in these Regulations.

  1. Legal Protection

FutureNet Shop Portal is owned by the Service Provider who has the right to add, edit, change and delete all uploaded contents, in part or in whole. Name of the Portal, logo, principles of Website functioning, all its graphic elements, interface and also supporting software, website code and databases are subject to legal protection on the basis of applicable legal provisions.

  1. Main Characteristics of the Services Rendered

Services rendered in the Portal are connected with sharing the FutureNet online shop, including in particular:

  • Information about the availability and characteristics of the goods;
  • Registration of the account which allows to place orders;
  • Sending commercial information about the shop’s offer and potentially others, in line with the Regulation’s provisions.
  • Making online methods of payment available;
  • Concluding sales agreements with the realization of orders.
  1. Ways of Communication

The Client may contact a client by email, to the email address indicated in item 1.

§2. Orders Acceptance and Realization

  1. The Assortment of Products Offered by the Shop

The shop sells T-shirts, perfumes, advertising gadgets, accessories and other goods offered within the products range. The shop adds information about the goods at the website https://www.store.futurenet.club/. Placing orders is possible on condition of meeting the following minimum technical requirements of the computerised system that is used by the Client: Operational system: Windows or Linux (with a graphic console) or Mac OS, Processor: 1 GHz, RAM: 1GB of RAM     Hard drive: 8.0 GB of free space, Graphic card: 256 MB memory supporting the resolution of 1024×768, Controlling: keyboard, mouse, internet connection with minimum capacity: download 512 kbit/s, upload 128 kbit/s, Internet browser with Java Script support: IE (min. version 7) or Google Chrome (min. version 13) or Mozilla Firefox (min. version 10).

  1. No Defects

Service Provider is obliged to deliver goods without any defects.

  1. Filling in the Form

Form acceptance occurs by correct filling in the form on the Shop’s website, which is equal to the execution of sale agreement. In the order, in particular, the Client makes a choice of the ordered goods, payment method and the manner and place of delivery.

  1. Form Availability

The order form is available both from the registered account level and without registration, after selecting a product and proceeding to the basket to realize order.

  1. Account

In order to do shopping in the Shop it is not necessary to have an account on the FutureNet.club platform unless the current technical structure of the Shop indicates otherwise. The Client may pay online through a credited account. In case of making payment for the order, the Client may pay 25% of the goods’ value by Media Point which he owns on FutureNet.club platform, in the event he/she has an account there.

  1. Unavailability of Goods

In the event if part of goods covered by the order is unavailable in the warehouse or from other reasons which prevent the order realization within the time period specified in the order, the Client will be informed about the status of the order and will decide on the manner of its realization. The Client shall have the following rights:

  • Partial realization – choice of this option by the Client will cause the realization of the available goods only, the Shop will be released form the obligation to realize the order with regard to unavailable goods;
  • Withdrawal from the agreement – the Client may withdraw from the agreement.
  1. Cancellation of the Order

In case of cancellation of order (withdrawal from the agreement) if the Client made a payment of the whole amount due for the goods, the whole amount will be returned.

  1. Changes in the Order

The Client may make changes in the order or cancel the order from the moment of starting the order until realization, however, the change requires the acceptance of Service Provider (confirmation in response to the information sent). Changes in the order may delay its realization. Changes in orders or changes regarding the delivery address, the return of payment may be made also with the use of any permanent means of communication, including also electronic mail.

  1. Promotional Sale

A limited number of goods is intended for promotional sale. Orders’ realization is conducted according to the order of receipt of confirmed orders until until stocks of goods covered by this form of sale are exhausted in the Shop’s warehouse.

  1. Payment Method and Due Date

The Client can make payment by methods available in the Shop, however, as a rule, payments are made with the use of resources collected on FutureNet platform, with the option to use 25% of the value of Social Points order. The Client shall pay for the order within 48 hours, otherwise, after the lapse of this period, the order may be cancelled.

  1. Delivery Period

Goods are sent within 14 business days. The order may be delivered according to the Client’s choice.

  1. Digital Contents

Digital contents may be sold in the shop in line with the provisions set forth in the Regulations. Digital contents shall mean data produced and delivered in digital form, including especially activation keys as well as digital contents delivered on a data carrier (e.g. CD, DVD, etc.). Performance of agreement for delivery of digital contents which are not saved on a data carrier shall occur, upon the consent of a Client, before the lapse of time period which enables to withdraw from the agreement.


§3. Prices of Goods and the Return of Resources

  1. Payment Currency

All prices of goods are in American dollars and do not include the cost of delivery which is specified in detailed information about the order. Currency conversion, if necessary, is performed according to exchange rates and principles specified in processors/payment systems. The costs of delivery shall be borne by the buyer. Goods delivery is performed in the form selected and specified by the Buyer.

  1. Joining Promotions

Promotions in the Shop shall not be joined unless the promotions regulations state otherwise.


  1. Reimbursements of Amounts Due

The reimbursement is usually made into the User’s account, on the FutureNet platform, if the payment was made from this account.  The shop makes the reimbursement with the use of the same method of payment that was used by the client. In case of making payment of 25% of the products value, which were paid by the client through Media Point, then this part will also be reimbursed in the form of Media Point.

  1. Charge

In case of the selection of the method of payment in the form of debit card or credit card or other electronic means of payment by the Client, FutureNet may charge additional fee for this transaction in connection with its processing, including in particular the consideration of the costs of sending, excise duty and returns. The amount of the fee for debit card or credit card transaction is each time specified in the order summary before binding the Client with the agreement.


§4. Complaints

  1. Address for Complaints

In case of finding any inconsistencies f goods with the agreement the Client has the right to file a complaint in the Shop.  The complaint may be filed by sending a complaint letter by email at the address: store@futurenet.club.

  1. Period of Complaints’ Consideration

The shop, within 14 days from sending the complaint at the latest, shall answer and inform the Client about next procedure. In case of accepting the complaint, the goods will be repaired or exchanged into other, of full value. If this is not possible (e.g. if the stock is exhausted), the Shop will refund the Client the suitable part of price of goods paid. The Shop will refund costs connected with the returning of the affected goods (economy mail), following the positive consideration of the complaint according to the procedure specified in these Regulations.

  1. ODR Platform

A Client as a Consumer may also use the platform of online system of dispute resolution between consumers and entrepreneurs (Online Dispute Resolution, hereinafter referred to as ODR) available at the address http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/ operating within the territory of the European Union.  ODR platform makes it possible to obtain complex support for consumers and entrepreneurs intending to resolve disputes amicably. ODR platform is interactive website the access to which can be electronic and free of charge in all European Union official languages.


§5. The Right to Withdraw from the Agreement

  1. 14 days to withdraw for the agreement

A Client who is a natural person, purchasing in the purpose not connected with professional or business activity, may withdraw from the agreement without giving a reason within 14 days from the date of shipment receipt, according to the template available in the attachment. The right to withdraw from the Agreement is vested to the Clients of countries in which this right is provided to consumers, including, in particular, European Union.

  1. The Cost of Return Delivery

The returned goods should be sent back immediately after the withdrawal from the Agreement. The cost of sending the goods back shall be borne by the client.

  1. Reimbursement Processing Period

The shop effects the reimbursement for the goods returned (the price of goods without delivery costs) not later than within 14 days. The Shop may withhold the payment of reimbursement until the goods or a proof of the sending back are received, whichever occurs earlier.

  1. No Right to Withdraw

The right to withdraw from the distant or off-premises agreement is not vested to a client who is a consumer of the agreements:

  • For the provision of services in case if the entrepreneur performed service in full, upon the express consent of the consumer who was informed before starting the service that he would lose the right to withdraw from the agreement following the service completion by the entrepreneur;
  • In which the price depends on the financial market volatility, over which the entrepreneur has no control and which may occur before the lapse of time to withdraw from the agreement;
  • In which the subject of services are nonprefabricated goods, manufactured according to the consumer’s specification or used for the satisfaction of their individual needs;
  • In which the subject of services is liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly;
  • In which the subject of services are goods delivered in a sealed package which cannot be returned after opening due to health protection or hygienic reasons if the package was opened after delivery;
  • In which the subject of services are goods, which due to their character will be inseparably mixed with other items after delivery;
  • In which the subject of services are alcoholic beverages the price of which was agreed upon at the sale agreement, the delivery of which may occur only after 30 days and the value of which depends on market volatility, over which the entrepreneur has no control;
  • In which the subject of services are sound or visual recordings or computer programs delivered in sealed packaging if the packaging was opened after the delivery;
  • For the delivery of newspapers, periodicals or magazines, excluding subscription agreements;
  • Concluded by means of public tender;
  • For the delivery of services within the scope of accommodation, transport of goods, car lease, gastronomy, services related to leisure activities, entertainment, sport or cultural events if the date or period of rendering service was designated in the agreement;
  • For the delivery of digital contents which are not saved on a data carrier if rendering of a service was started upon an express consent of the consumer before the date to withdraw from the agreement and informing them by the entrepreneur about the loss of the right to withdraw from the agreement.

    §6. Final Provisions

  1. Consent to Process Data

By making an order in the Shop, the Client agrees to place their persona data in FutureNet database and their processing in order to execute the agreement. Providing personal data by the Client is voluntary, however, the lack of the consent to data processing prevents order realization by the Shop. The Client shall be liable for giving untrue personal information. Personal data will be processed in accordance with applicable protection provisions in a manner which enables the access of third persons.

  1. Purpose of Data Processing

In case the Client gives additional consent to process personal data by the Shop in order to inform the Client about new products, promotions and services available in the Shop.

  1. The Right to Access and Correct

The Clients of the Shop have the right to access, correct and demand to delete their personal data.

  1. Disputes (Choice of the Law and Court Clause)

The provisions of these regulations and all disputes between FutureNet and a Client shall be subject to the Polish law, without regard to conflict of laws principles. Client is obliged to solve all disputes in relation to the Service Provider only in the Court competent for FutureNet, i.e. located on Marshall Islands. Client agrees to be subject to the jurisdiction of these courts also within the scope of all types of disputes unless applicable legal provisions state otherwise. In case of interpretation doubts at establishing the meaning of the provisions of these Regulations, the decisive meaning shall have the Polish language version.

  1. Appropriate Application of FutureNet Regulations

In the remaining scope not included above, the provisions of privacy policy and cookies policy uploaded in the FutureNet.club platform regulations, which the client should read, shall apply.